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Corruption - Answer #5

5.) You're involved in a bad traffic accident. It's not your fault and there are witnesses to support this. The other driver flees but his identity is known to a witness who is helpful to you and gives the name and address to the police. The police ask you for $50 to investigate the case, and you can assume, rule in your favor. Do you pay?

ANSWER: Of course you pay! You will almost always pay for any police service here. You have to realize that there is virtually no budget for police services in third world countries and the salaries of the officers are about $20 a month. Would you work for that? Remember, you have the option of not paying, though your case may be ignored.

Back in the west, high tax rates provide generous funding for police services. And are you always satisfied with the service you get in return for those tax payments? Police services here aren't as bad as you might believe and many expats, self-included, who have needed the police, have received satisfactory and honest results. And yes, we paid for it. And we also know how little in comparison to the west, we are required to pay in taxes.




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