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Corruption - Answer #6

6.) You're in a bar having a lively discussion with another expat when it turns into an argument and the other expat, considerably larger than you, assaults you knocking out two teeth and blackening your eye. You report him to the police who bring him in and a bodysearch turns up $150 in his pocket. They take the money and give it to you. Do you give them any in return?

ANSWER: Of course you do! See the answer to #5 for an explanation of how police services work here. In any event, if the police pull $150 from the guy's pocket and hand it to you, you should give them half unless you're looking at medical expenses in which case the police will probably agree to take a bit less, but you better give them something. Of course if the money is located and you're not looking, well, they'll take a nice cut off the top, anyway. But the only possible way you could know this is if they seem less interested to take money back from you or they even make it clear that they don't expect a kickback. You can then assume they already took their cut.




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