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The Dead Fish Tower

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Restaurant - Bar

Totally eclectic atmosphere

It seems everybody and their cousin, or some relation, is opening a new bar or restaurant in Cambodia. Big deal, right?

But the Dead Fish Tower Inn isn't just another restaurant/bar, it has the most unique atmosphere in the country. There is nothing else like it!

Large, open, airy, that's just the half of it. Sit at the bar downstairs or take off your shoes, head upstairs and sit on cozy pillows around low tables.

And music, the Dead Fish Tower provides relaxing live entertainment every afternoon and every night enjoy the sounds of our live band.

Nightly traditional Khmer dancing.

And food, the Dead Fish Tower offers excellent Thai and Khmer food created by a Thai chef and a new steakhouse offering a variety of western food created by a professional chef with twenty years of hotel experience.

The Dead Fish Tower is open every day from 7 a.m. until 1 a.m.

Live music and traditional dance every night!

New Attic Bar, big views from one of Siem Reap's highest drinking spots.

Mini-crocodile farm with real crocs.

The Dead Fish Tower. It may not be Siem Reap's only watering hole, but it's Siem Reap's only watering hole that's truly different.

And we don't serve dog, cat, rat, or worm!

Dead fish tell no tales, but stop in and tell a few of your own.

For more information e-mail: deadfishtower@hotmail.com

The Dead Fish Tower is just a few minutes walk from Psah Chas.


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