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talesofasia guide to the provinces of Cambodia


Prey Veng

updated February 2006

Prey Veng is a small eastern province that few tourists visit, yet many pass through on their way to or from Saigon. There really isn't much here to see. Tourists will always get a glimpse of the town of Neak Luong as one has to cross the Mekong River via ferry here and you can be stuck for awhile waiting. Elsewhere in the province, a few crumbling old temples can be found at Ba Phnom, one of Cambodia's oldest archaeological sites. I've not visited it but Andy Brouwer has and you can read some details on that trip at http://cambodia.e-files.dk/2003.html. Lonely Planet covers this province in about two and a half pages and Rough Guide uses half the space as they only mention Neak Luong and do not cover Ba Phnom.

The province is bordered by Svay Rieng to the east, Vietnam to the south, Kandal to the west, and Kompong Cham to the north.

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