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Camping, rock climbing and going to the chiropractor in Penang

by Charlie Smith


As chiropractors are almost non-existent in Southeast Asia and not easy to find, thought I’d put out the word for one in Penang who I’ve been told is very good, although I haven’t visited him myself. His phone is: 04-2271866

The lady who answers the phone is almost useless at giving directions but he is in the area called Pulau Tikos and very close to the Burma Temple and Thai Temple - also just called the Reclining Buddha, which are on Lorong Burma. 

The main street, that he is on and the buses travel on, is Jalan Burmah.  Take blue bus #93, red bus 201, 212 or 222, or mini bus 31 or 88.  Tell the driver, or someone, you want to get off at the Pulau Tikos Polis Station, a big blue and white building. When you get off walk one long block farther to Lorong Burma and turn right for the Reclining Buddha and Burma Temple.  Or, for
the chiropractor, walk one long block back, in the direction the bus has just come from, look for an ESSO gas station and a car sales lot on corner of Jalan Burmah and Jalan Jones,  he is right across the street from that, on the 3rd floor in a building called the ‘Premier Center’.  The sign under his 3rd floor window reads, “Life Chiropractic Center.


In addition to the White House Hotel on Penang Road, an exceptionally good guest house is the ‘Hotel Noble’. 36 Lorong Pasar, Tel: 04-2642372, 04-2612372, and 04-2632372. Lorong Pasar is a short small alley one block north of Lebuh Chulia, and is between Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling and Lorong Chulia, which is one block east of Love Lane.

It is a 2 floor 100 year old building originally built by the present owner’s grandfather.  Completely refurbished lately and beautiful.  The kind of airy building with all sleeping rooms having outside windows and the doors facing into a large common room in center with tables and couches etc.  Everything is new ­ beds, mattresses, pillows, everything, and a room with shower and twin beds is RM18.  So good it’s booked full every night.  So if you arrive too late book for next day and spend your first night in some other flea bag dump on Love Lane or Chulia St.  Or call ahead and book a room before you get there.


Sadly, have to report that the Tourist Info Office across from McDonalds, 3rd floor in Komtar, that was so exceptionally good when I wrote in  Janaury 9, 2004 is now NFG due to retirement of the man and lady who were there so long, and replaced by a young girl who hasn’t a clue about anything and no interest in knowing anything either . She doesn’t even have or know about all the maps and books that were previously on the shelves.  Not even the excellent monthly ‘Penang Tourist Newspaper’ that, if you can find one, is still good value at RM2 and a wealth of info about things available and Too Doo in Penang, including many maps and bus route #s to most of the more popular attractions.

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