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Information for contributors

So you want to contribute? That's easy enough. The guidelines are simple: You write it and if I like I'll put it on the site. You can write anything you want: such as:

Travel stories: They can be funny, serious, enlightening, educational, whatever, tell us a story.

Opinions: Everybody has one, so share one. Politics, culture, tourism, tourists, business, locals, foreigners, expatriates, I don't care. You have something to say, say it!

Trip reports: Tell us about your trip, share your experiences. Somebody should learn something from it... if not yourself.

Satire: Take the piss!

I ask only two things: One, that what you send pertains somehow, someway to Asia, and two, that your story is not X-rated. A sexcapade trip report from your last visit to Pattaya is not going to get on these pages (though I'll still read it!). There are plenty of other sites out there for that stuff already.

The legal stuff:

No, I will not pay you. Not yet, anyway.

You own the copyright and can do anything you want with the story. I have only the right to publish your story on the talesofasia.com website on a non-exclusive basis under the following conditions:

I reserve the right to edit, spell-check, etc. as needed.

I will credit you however you want to be credited.

I will provide an e-mail link back to you if you want.

I will provide a link to your website, if you have one and want the link (and I can't imagine why you wouldn't...).

You may submit photographs to accompany your story, which I also have the right to edit/re-size, etc as needed.

You are welcome to link to your contribution from any other website.

If you have a business in Asia, you may advertise it for free with one banner/link on the page that carries your story.

I reserve the right to sell advertising space on your submission page.

I will remove the story at your request.

E-Mail your submission

Readers' Submissions


Opinions expressed on Readers' Submissions pages do not necessarily reflect those of talesofasia.com, its publisher, or anyone else that could be remotely affiliated with the talesofasia name.

Unless otherwise credited, the copyright on all text and photographs appearing on a Readers' Submissions page belong to the credited author and are not the property of talesofasia.com. Inquiries regarding this material should be made to the author. Unless stated otherwise, all other text and photographs on talesofasia.com are 1998 - 2006 Gordon Sharpless. Commercial or editorial usage without written permission of the copyright holder is prohibited.