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JANUARY 2004 - Chicken Little and falling skies, fun police, Nana Plaza, casinos, riot reparation, racist pricing, language, Samui, Trink, and more. Posted January 27.

DECEMBER 2003 - Wise words, what's in an advertisement?, elephants in Bangkok, One Two No?, Thailand Elite Card, Beautiful Boxer, and more. Posted December 15.

NOVEMBER 2003 - Stupid is as stupid does, Loy Krathong, cheap airfares, getting around Bangkok, and more. Posted November 15.

OCTOBER 2003 - APEC is coming!, Royal barges, soi dogs, beggars, visas and visa runs, yellow paint, Fan Chan, and more. Posted October 15.

SEPTEMBER 2003 - Should I stay or should I go and if so, where? Blowing up Thailand, Butterfly Man, movie theaters, new LP Thailand, flashback of the month, website of the month, and more. Posted September 15.

AUGUST 2003 - Reverse scams, TAT, visa fees, truth and fairness, neighbor politics, onward tickets, expat life cycle, and more. Posted August 17.

JULY 2003 - Welcome, Thailand tourism, getting around Thailand, worries of malaria and dengue, dual-pricing schemes. Posted July 15.




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